Our Story

Faithfulness to the Great Commission of Jesus Christ lies at the heart of West Hopewell’s story. Over 70 years ago, nearby West End Presbyterian Church began an outreach effort to the families of the western Hopewell neighborhoods. The ministry began as bus transportation to worship services at West End Church, but grew to include a women’s ministry, Friday night prayer meetings, and regular Sunday school classes, which met in a vacant rented store across the street from what is now the site of West Hopewell Church. In 1938, the members of this outreach ministry built a chapel on donated land that is the present location of the church. Fifty families were involved with this new mission church, which grew steadily through the preaching and regular visitation of West End Church assistant ministers. In 1945 the ministry organized into an independent church.

The city of Hopewell saw many changes since then; its fortunes tied to the state of manufacturing in the United State - from a bustling factory town to a city now in the state of economic recovery. West Hopewell Church has experienced change too, yet always faithfully bringing the gospel – in both word and deed – to the neighborhoods around it. The church has benefitted too from many capable leaders. One pastor was Dr. Timothy Keller, now a New York Times best-selling author and the pastor of Redeemer Presbyterian Church in New York. Dr. Keller left a legacy of grace-centered preaching and ministry.

Today West Hopewell continues to look for ways to bring the gospel to the people of Hopewell and the surrounding area.

West Hopewell Presbyterian Church 2011