West Hopewell Church is an evangelical church in the Reformed tradition. As such, we subscribe to the historic confessions of faith. The Apostles' Creed is perhaps the simplest statement of Christian faith that Christians across denominational lines have agreed upon throughout the centuries and across the continents. A slightly longer statement of faith is the Nicene Creed, also a statement expressing the heart of Biblical Christianity.

West Hopewell is a congregation inthe Presbyterian Church in America(PCA), a growing evangelical denomination. You can view our denomination'sBeliefs, or ourConfession of Faithfor more specifics on our theological commitments.

The PCA's mission is to take the Reformation into the 21st century, which means that it seeks to be "true to the Scriptures, the Reformed Faith and the Great Commission of Jesus Christ.


As Presbyterians, we trace our spiritual roots to the 16th century Protestant Reformation, specifically in Scotland and England. The Reformation was a renewal movement in the church. (Think Martin Luther, John Calvin, and John Knox.) It was a return to the Bible alone for matters of faith and practice. It was a return to God's grace aloneas the only grounds for salvation. It was a return to faith alone as our only response to the gift of salvation. And it was a return to Jesus Christ alone as the only mediator between God and humanity.

Being Presbyterian not only identifies our beliefs and our spiritual heritage, it also describes our form of government.

Presbyterianism is "a representative democracy under the rule of Christ." We believe our form of government finds its basis in the practice of the New Testament Church.The local congregation elects its own leadership. These leaders are selected on the basis of certain spiritual qualifcations outlined in the New Testament. They serve under the authority of Christ and his Word.

We have two sets of leaders: elders and deacons. Elders give spiritual oversight over the congregation. (Presbyteros the New Testament Greek word for elder.) The pastor is one of the elders. He has the primary leadership and teaching responsibilities. Deacons (Greek word for servant) are those who serve the church in its ministry of mercy to its member and the community.

Morever, Presbyterians believe that local churches ought to be connected to each other for matters of support, shared minisitry, and accountability. We call these regional connections "Presbyteries." West Hopewell is a member of theJames River Presbytery of the PCA. Every year members of every Presbytery in the PCA meet in a General Assembly to address denominational ministries and concerns. All this means that our churches tend to be stable and well-grounded in the Word of God.

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