Core Values


The Gospel of Jesus Christ is the heartbeat at West Hopewell.

The gospel changes everything. It is the unique and vital message of Jesus Christ to a troubled, broken, and lost world. Not only is it the power of God for salvation, but it is also the power that changes the believer daily – spiritually, socially, and culturally. The gospel gives us hope. We are committed to bringing all we do into line with the gospel.


The Gospel engages us to pray.

Apart from Jesus Christ we can do nothing. To follow Jesus Christ is to engage in a spiritual battle. The battle line begins in our own hearts. At stake is our confidence in Christ and our allegiance to his lordship. Prayer, then, assembles around the movement of God in our lives. It draws upon the resources and might of God. It seeks the enlargement of his kingdom. We are committed to laying a foundation of prayer under every aspect of our life and ministry.


The Gospel leads us to worship.

Our Sunday gatherings are to be Christ-centered, joyful and uplifting. It is a ministry of all of God's people to God, while also striving to be meaningful to the community around us. We aim for a rich blending of contemporary and traditional forms. We value traditional forms that capture the majesty and mercy of God, as well as recall the landmarks of faith from our past. We also value contemporary forms of worship, recognizing that God is inspiring new styles of music that honor him, strengthen the Body of Christ, and touch the hearts of today’s lost. We are committed to worship that is genuine and heart-felt, and that reflects the vitality and the cultural diversity of Christ’s church.


The Gospel creates new community.

The gospel completely transforms our relationships with one another. It both humbles us and yet assures us that we are valued and loved. Now we are free from envy and pride, inferiority and superiority, in order to love and serve one another. We also believe that every member of the church is a minister. Ministry happens best in and through community where our God-given potential is discovered, discipled, and unleashed. We are committed to connecting people into signficant biblical relationships.


The Gospel compels us to be the best church for our community.

Outreach has two aspects: Gospel proclamation and service (gospel in action). Our own experience of God's mercy for sinners is our motivation. The spiritual health of the church depends on a growing outward face towards the world. Locally we reach out through friendships and hospitality, through service, and through outreach events. Regionally we reach out through church-planting and ministry partnerships. And globally we reach out by strengthening indigenous churches and by establishing new churches through providing support, raising-up missionaries, and by sending short-term missionary teams. We are committed to finishing the task of world evangelization.


The Gospel redeems all of life.

Our faith makes and transforms culture because Jesus is Lord of everything we do, including our motives, manner, and methods. Therefore we bring the truths of Scripture to bear upon our heads, hearts, and hands. Our theology is Reformed, springing from the riches of the Protestant Reformation. We seek to provide well-rounded learning in Bible, doctrine, life skills, calling and ministry. We also apply the gospel to our hearts, rooting out our idols, so that our faith expresses itself in love. And we give expression to our love by selflessly serving others. We are committed to thinking biblically about every aspect of life.


The Gospel produces leaders who lead by serving.

Leaders set the pace for the church. Leaders model the values and priorities of the church. In particular, leaders lead from their own daily examples of faith and repentance. Leaders also make it their work to disciple a new generation of leaders. We are committed to the intentional development of leaders wo lead through serving others.


The Gospel unites us with other Christians.

The gospel breaks down all barriers (race, class, ethnic) and makes us one in Christ. Therefore, we will celebrate what Christ is doing through other churches and ministries. We will also partner with them to learn from and to serve one another. We are committed to forming strategic partnerships with others churches and ministries in order to advance the gospel and to demonstrate its reality to the world.

West Hopewell Presbyterian Church 2011